The Not-Yet Full Circle

You know how people go through life experiences and at the end of it they say that they’ve come full circle? Yeah, I don’t think I’m at that full circle moment quite yet, but Facebook has been doing quite a job reminding me of the year that we’ve been through.

First there were the photos my sister shared – a silly selfie with a snap filter and that one time she dragged me out of the house for a new dessert. But when I see those memories it’s more than a selfie and dessert, it’s me finding out that I was losing our first pregnancy and it’s my sister taking me from my bed that I hadn’t left in days.

Then there’s the blog posts that I shared with friends and family on Facebook. I remember that once people kinda got wind of what was happening there was an outpouring of love and support and how are you’s that I couldn’t deal with. So I took to my blog and shared posts as my means of communication.

It just stings a little to be reminded, when I try so hard not to dwell on those emotions. I may not be dwelling on them, but I am very aware that they live very close to the surface. They are what stops my excitement at meeting a new baby. They are what keep my hands by my side instead of feeling the little bump of life attached to my friends.

LG and I have come so far, and there is so much further to go.

We have hope and faith that new life will come for us. In his time.


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