Just Under 18 Weeks (To Go)

It’s getting just a bit harder for me to roll over, so I thought no better time than now to start write about the things that have changed over the last 22 and a half weeks!

In no particular order:

Sleep – One of the reasons I knew I was pregnant at the beginning was that I could be in bed by 7:30 pm and sleep until almost 9 am the next day. Sometimes I’d even be able to take a nap around 11 too. After a few weeks, I slept regularly instead of hours and hours at a time; but then I could only sleep maybe two hours at a time through the night. That wasn’t so fun. Now I’m back to sleeping almost twelve hours at night, with a couple washroom breaks in between and no naps during the day.

Eating – The first two times I was pregnant in those short few weeks, I was so so sick. I think that’s probably just going to be my pregnant thing – sick and gross in the beginning. My stomach was not my friend the first few months of this pregnancy. I could keep nothing down. It wasn’t that I had to settle my stomach and make sure I kept to bland things or starchy things to not make it upset – it was just that anything that I swallowed felt stuck right there and wanted back up right away. Fun, fun, fun. It was fend for yourself when you got home every night for my husband. I didn’t sit with him for months at dinner – the evenings were when I felt the worst. I kept trying to eat even just a little as much as I could, but I ended up throwing up so much that I started to see blood in my vomit (TMI, sorry). It was just after I got through the first trimester that food started to stay down. I’m still not able to eat much; I guess my stomach got a bit smaller from all the not being filled for three months, but at least it stays down.

TL;DR I was really sick during my first trimester.

Anyways! What I really wanted to talk about was that I have been super into milk lately. It started when we were visiting family one weekend, and our niece got this little cup of really cold chocolate milk. She downed that thing so fast, and as I watched her drink it all I could think to myself was, “omg, I want that now.” On the way home that day, we stopped by the store and bought some milk. I’ve gone through bags and bags of milk over the last month and a half. So, so good. And recently, I had LG buy some apple cinnamon Cheerios, and it’s the first thing my stomach wants in the morning. Ugh, yum.

Body – My back has been sore and oh my goodness can we talk about this pain in my butt? According to LG’s research (read: Google searches), the pain is because my hips and stuff are all growing and shifting. Fun, right? But it does mean I get more massages, haha. Really though, sometimes it hurts so much that I trip as if my knee is buckling…but it’s just my butt.

I also talked in my last post about meeting the OB and how he told me to watch my blood pressure. I have been monitoring it and it’s been all fine and dandy, but I’ve noticed my heart rate has been up – which I’ll bring up to him next time I see him. I’m also finding myself having to catch my breath a lot more. And I’m hot. All. The. Time. I don’t know how I’m going to handle the winter in proper warm shoes when I’m so warm already. Over Thanksgiving, we were all sitting around and it was warm. I could feel the blood rushing down to my feet (thanks, gravity), and then when it was time to put my shoes back on (Birkenstocks, for the record), I could barely get my toes passed the strap. Plus when I tried to point my toes, I couldn’t! My feet were too swollen! I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised. I’d been on my feet all day the day before, and when LG was massaging my feet he told me they felt “meatier”. Nice.

Bump things – I started off with some tum; so when it actually started to stick out and I could feel the firmness in the bump…it was like woah. Then I started to feel the little “popcorn” sensation that I kept reading about on all the mommy forums – of course, I didn’t associate it to the baby right away, I just thought I was digesting stuff lol. But now, I feel baby all the time, rolling around in there. LG has spent hours with his hands on my bump. “Did you feel that?” Nope. “What about that?” No. When I put my hand in the same spot, I have to admit that I’m not so sure if I’m feeling the movement from the inside or in my hand. So…I guess he’ll just have to wait a few more weeks until baby is bigger so he can feel too.

Nesting – We’ve bought a crib. It was on sale, and we (he) put it together to make sure nothing was missing so that we’d still be in the window in case we had to return or exchange it. I’ve rearranged the living room several times. I want to buy a rug. I keep cleaning the kitchen. I bought a bag that I want to be using as a diaper bag. I add things to our registry and then take them away and then add them back. LG wants to buy things, but I tell him to wait until after the baby shower(s) so that we can see what we have to get in terms of essentials. Because other than the things on our registry, there’s still furniture to buy and diapers to stock up on and good black out curtains to purchase.

We’re over the halfway point. Is this when the countdown officially begins?


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