About Me

My name is Nicole. I am a 90’s baby (like actual 90’s, as in 1990!), living almost kinda sorta not that close to Toronto. I go to church and have a working and always growing relationship with Jesus – my God, my Father, the one who gives me peace and calmness.

I am newly married as of November 21, 2015!

I’m starting to turn the pages that will take me to where I become a “grown up”. I’ve been a baby, gone to school, graduated, gone to school, and graduated, working, and married…now what comes next.

Recently, my husband and I lost our first pregnancy…and our second pregnancy. I fear we may be on the path of becoming a crazed TTC/pregnancy blog. But I want our life (and this blog) to be so much more than just trying to grow our family. It’s not just about growing; there’s love and drama and hurt and fun and just us.

Maybe if you stick around, you might be able to read about another pregnancy in the future. We can only hope and pray, right?

Care to read along?




LG – refers to my husband in Chinese > 老公 ‘Loh Gong

FND – refers to Friday Night Dinner with my Dad’s side of the family every Friday night unless otherwise stated


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