About a year and a half ago around my 26th birthday, I’d had a sudden realization that I was getting old. By my calculations if we held off any longer, I could be nearly 30 by the time we had a baby. That would not do, and I told LG, “I don’t want to be… Read More Timing

End to End

It has been 5 months since my second miscarriage, and 555 days since we got married. I hadn’t really thought about the 5 months until just now when I checked my period app, but still the repetition is a little interesting. My first two cycles after the miscarriage were quite long – 40+ days –… Read More End to End


Eleven months ago, I booked my first appointment with my old family doctor for my first pre-natal appointment. A couple of days ago, I went into a fertility clinic to have a sonohysterogram done. I’ve had to sit to wait for quite a few appointments and tests; every time my stomach is in a giant knot.… Read More Sonohysterogram