End to End

It has been 5 months since my second miscarriage, and 555 days since we got married. I hadn’t really thought about the 5 months until just now when I checked my period app, but still the repetition is a little interesting. My first two cycles after the miscarriage were quite long – 40+ days –… Read More End to End


Eleven months ago, I booked my first appointment with my old family doctor for my first pre-natal appointment. A couple of days ago, I went into a fertility clinic to have a sonohysterogram done. I’ve had to sit to wait for quite a few appointments and tests; every time my stomach is in a giant knot.… Read More Sonohysterogram

Stand Up

You know how sometimes you decide to move forward, trusting not in yourself but in God’s strength and protection? But then you take that first little step, and Satan knocks you over right away. At that point you have to decide: give into temptation and stay down, letting him win; or stand up and try… Read More Stand Up

Old Lady

Its so weird that I’m 23. I’m old…or at least getting older. I think I’ve literally started to lose count. My mind is stuck at 21. Forever 21. Last night, I was on my own tumblr and it says: Nicole.22. And it hit me, omg I’m not 22…I’m 23. This is just a long post… Read More Old Lady