Day 83&84

Yesterday, LG got off work early again! After he showered and we picked up my sister, we were able to go to my grandfathers so LG could help cook again 🙂 I got all the plates and stuff ready, did my grandfather’s meds, and sat with my sister to try to do a crossword. Out of the corner of my eye, I see my dad with my phone, trying to unlock it. Sigh, what a little snoopy snooper.

Yeh also did some digging through his old stuff and found old home videos of when my sister K was a baby. My grandmother was in those videos and it was so bittersweet to see her like that. Really, if I’m honest, it was more bitter than sweet and hurt to watch. It was just nice to remember her like that when my last memories of her are so fragile.

We were full house for dinner last night. Something I feel hasn’t really happened at that table in a little while now – especially since we were out for dinner last week for Chinese New Year. There seemed to be more dishes too; don’t know who my grandfather was trying to impress, but ohhhh my it was yuuuuuumy!

Last time my aunt had requested the tomato potato soup thing that I ‘accidentally’ tried to make a little while ago. When I saw it on the stove, I thought, “aww, yeh listens to what we like :D”.


After dinner, some of us dug through the freezer for some dessert. I resisted and then decided I wanted an ice cream sandwich…but just the strawberry part. Thankfully, LG agreed (reluctantly at first) to eat the chocolate and some of the vanilla part. Ugh, that strawberry just brings me back to Aruba – I was all about that strawberry ice cream on our honeymoon.


This morning, LG tried to be all sweet and bring me breakfast in bed, except I was awful and scared him away after he kept poking me with his cold finger. I felt bad and got ready to go downstairs. I apologized, and then he sat with me while I ate. Can we just pause for a moment and appreciate the loveliness that is tater tots. I heart them. We didn’t finish them so maybe we can just break them apart a bit and then add them into an omelette. Ugh, such a good idea.


LG also made me an avocado smoothie. He bought teeny tiny avocados the other day when he went grocery shopping. When I watch the people at the restaurants make the smoothies, the only use half; LG said he used two! It was quite yummy, but not as sweet. I think because he used light evaporated milk instead of condensed milk, but it was still good.

We sat for a bit and slowly started to get ready for small group. We also had a load of whites in the dryer and our sheets in the wash, so we had to wait to switch them over before we left too.

I packed some Cheetos for the car ride, mostly because I’d been craving them for a while and also because they were an extra thing that I picked up that wasn’t on the list and I hadn’t opened them since I bought them. Goes to show: stick to the list! Of course I had a coffee for the car ride too since it was bitterly cold out today. A and K put out some snacks as usual as well, so I just had to have a small plate of that.


I have to say that even though it was awful and horrible and cold, it was so nice to have the sun out for so long. It was only a little while ago that the sun was gone a little after 4pm; those were sad days.

After small group, we made our way to far away (not far, far away; just far away) land to have an early birthday dinner celebration with K. Her side of the family was there, and they had 5 little ones between the three siblings. Every time we see a little one so much as even smile, LG leans over and tells me, “I want one.” Sigh, haha. But really, who wouldn’t want a little person to fill these baby Uggs?


We were at a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant, and because it was before 6pm we were able to order from the early bird menu. We got one order for chicken and one for beef for us to share. It came with springrolls, salad, and miso soup. For the dinner part, there was the chicken or beef with a side of veggies – obviously, I ate all the mushrooms on my plate and LG’s, and he got the rest (green pepper, onion, zucchini, and carrot). We also opted for one white rice and one fried rice.

After dinner, they cleared all the plates, and we just sat to enjoy each other’s company; but then suddenly they brought in the cake! Surprise from K’s momma 🙂 It was very nice and the strawberries between the layers were fresh.


There was traffic on the way home, and I don’t do so well in the car with the slow almost stopping long drive home. It reminded me of the plane ride home from Aruba (I got sick twice). I closed my eyes and tried to call on my inner Dorothy – there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.

I jumped in the shower when we got home, hoping the icky traffic feeling would subside. We put our comforter in its cover and then I got settled to write this double post. He was going to settle in too, but my sister messaged to see if we were going to be with her tomorrow. We rearranged our plans so that we could.

We planned to have a lasagna for two for our Valentine’s Day, but we decided to do it for lunch instead so we could be with J after she got off work tomorrow. LG is downstairs now, prepping the sauce to cook over night and keep warm in the morning until he can layer the lasagna for lunch tomorrow.

Cross your fingers it’ll be a good lunch tomorrow.

It’s his first time crockpotting the sauce, and it’ll be the first time for lasagna in our home! I guess worst case scenario, we’ll be having pizza for Valentine’s Day.


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